Letter to BBB from Kate Jordan of Arts & Above

Dear Performers, Students, Teachers, Coaches, Choreographers, Musicians, Speakers, Parents, Audience Members, Host Families, Technical Crew, and more,


After a week since the conclusion of events, and as we have returned to our prospective home-bases, know that I send you my deepest gratitude and awe for the collective happenings we created together here in Missoula, Montana. Many of you I connected with in person, and deeply, others from a distance, but still in meaningful ways and intangibly essential ways.

I was drawn to dance in my elementary years as a mode of expression, transformation, creativity, rigor, physicality, and uniqueness, and for these reasons have dedicated my life to it. I was drawn to dance in my adolescent years, and forward, for its natural capacity to converge diverse thinkers, believers, and of course movers.

This now annual event in Missoula is dually a charging station, and a launching point for such pacesetters in our field. I dearly desire us to be clear in our trajectories, open in our routes, communicative in our passions and challenges, and unforgivingly loud with our dreams.

I’m honored to have joined together with all, and I’m hopeful for the effects we will continue to have on ourselves, each other, and the world through our journeys as dance artists.

Respectfully yours,

Kate Jordan Augusto, Co-Founder/Co-Artistic Director

Arts & Above