Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre’s (RMBT) opened in Missoula in 1998 and our mission is to educate and improve the youth of Montana by offering local, national, and international opportunities through cultural exchanges anchored in a commitment to the arts, specifically dance: ethnic, contemporary, hip-hop, and ballet. Our motto: When bodies move, minds soar. We strive to bring the world to Montana and Montana to the world. Through Ballet Beyond Borders the world comes to Missoula. In the past 4 years, 24,000 Montanans have attended free performances by dancers from Italy, Romania, South Africa, China, Israel, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Austria, Panama and Mexico. This year, dancers from Romania, Italy, Israel and Los Angeles performed in elementary schools in Missoula and Dixon and joined with the Missoula Writing Collaborative in a poetry project.  BBB, a four day dance challenge and diplomacy conference, attracted 200 dancers not only from Montana but from all parts of the globe.  RMBT takes Montana to the world through our 4 diplomatic tours to China and a cultural exchange to Kazan, Russia.   Our performances and tours always include Native American championship dancers. The Native Americans are at the core of what makes us unique in an international setting and are vital to our diplomatic work. Closer to home, our director choreographed the ballet “Going Viral” to promote the importance of vaccines in local schools. RMBT reaches out to as many children as possible by keeping prices reasonable, offering scholarships, and by giving the community free access to performances and cultural opportunities. The friendships that arise from these experiences give children and adults a more inclusive world view. This is at the heart of our work.