Letter from the Artistic Director

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For twenty years, ROCKY MOUNTAIN BALLET THEATRE has been inspiring the youth of Montana and dancers of all diversities to become the next generation of leaders in our field. We hope you will join us in celebrating at home, here in Missoula, January 9 - 12, 2019 during the second BALLET BEYOND BORDERS festival week. 

You can recognize a dancer who has studied at Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre by their solid technique, artistry and most importantly by their outlook. RMBT nurtures a student’s passion to explore and develop their artistic core, leading to great performances in dance and in life.

RMBT is known internationally as a premier training academy that embraces a global outlook. There is no better way for a dancer to discover a world BEYOND themselves than by being exposed to a breadth of cultures and a diversity of ideas. This enhances their ability to communicate through artistic expression. It is not a coincidence that our young dancers have graduated from prestigious universities, joined major ballet and contemporary companies, and have embraced leadership roles in the arts, academia, and their communities. 

Welcome to our school. Classes begin September 4th and there has never been a better time to join our RMBT family. Registration for our Fall programs is now open and OPEN HOUSE is August 23rd 4pm-6pm!

Triple B - BALLET BEYOND BORDERS registration for January is open August 15th! 


Hope to see you soon, 

Charlene Campbell Carey - Artistic Director