BALLET BEYOND BORDERS                

 AUGUST 7, 8, 9, 10 2019 !

BBB embraces the changing landscapes of our global dance art form. While excellence is our goal, we also seek to preserve the heritage we passionately share. We strive to protect, inspire, and connect the next generation of young artists with professionals of the highest caliber and with mentors that align with these ideals. Dance is a cultural phenomenon and dancers are natural diplomats. Ballet Beyond Borders is a Ballet Nation that serves as a catalyst for promoting cooperation and easing conflict by creating mutual understanding and using dance to advocate for human rights, justice, and global peace. 

Ballet Beyond Borders is a Festival that provides a cultural, educational and diplomatic exchange to further human understanding and spark vital communication . BBB presents classical ballet and all genres of dance from Folkloric and Native American cultures with indigenous nations of Africa and South America, hip-hop, tap and contemporary choreography. BBB is an inclusive society.            

The BBB dance challenge will be held at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, a state of the art facility. The Master classes, special events, film screenings and Cultural Diplomacy in a Changing World conference will take place on the beautiful Loyola Marymount University campus.

BBB presents you with an opportunity to leave your footprints on a global stage. Ballet Beyond Borders is an OPEN land, with an OPEN heart and an OPEN dialogue. Please bring your dances and your stories, your technique, and your artistry to our ballet nation. 

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        Charlene Campbell Carey - President

Karen Carreno -

Executive Director

Jenifer Kerber -

Administrative Director

Laurie Horowitz - Film & Literary Events

Walter Barrera -  Director of Outreach

Natalie Dial - Art and Science Consultant

Milena Oganesian- Liason for Russia and Eastern Europe

Johanna Ciampa - Consultant/Founder Danceador

Colleen O’Callaghan - Los Angeles Consultant and Master Class Teacher


Sandi Sales - Consultant