Victoria Lenihan

Victoria brings the energy and spirit of flamenco to her classes. She is dedicated to sharing and preserving this art, which was designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010. Victoria began studying flamenco with Elenita Brown in Missoula, while taking advantage of every travel opportunity in early days to study with Maestro Teo Morca, Lydia Torea, Angelica De Leon, and Ena Camargo.  

In recent years, she has taken classes in dance with  Yaelisa, Omayra Amaya, Maestro Teo Morca, La Tania, Juan Siddi, Manuel Gutierrez, Mina Fajardo, Solangel "Lali" Calix and Maestro Timo Lozano in Houston, TX; with Olga Pericet, Mina Fajardo and Joaquin Encinas in Albuquerque, NM; and with Maricarmen Guerrero and Raimundo Benitez in Granada, Spain. Victoria has enriched her understanding of flamenco dance with classes in cante (song) from Vicente Griego, Kina Mendez, Jesus Montoya and José Cortés; in castanets with Solangel "Lali" Calix; in cajon with Enrique "El Peru;" and in cuadro communication with Teo Morca, Julio de los Reyes, Salvadora Galan, Timo Lozano, Jose A. Bersabe Romero, Francine La Rubi and the members of Solero Flamenco: Irma La Paloma, Solangel "Lali" Calix, Edith Niño, Jeremías Garcia, and Chris Howard. In addition, she studied flamenco dance structure with Javier Martos while in Granada. 

Victoria's Flamenco Montana has brought Maestro Teo Morca and Antonio Hidalgo Paz (as workshop leaders), cantaor Vicente Griego, and guitarist Carlos Lomas to Missoula annually over the past four years, along with guitarist Ricardo Diaz and Solero Flamenco in 2015. In addition, she has hosted Yaeslisa in Whitefish, Montana, in July 2016; Yaelisa and Jason McGuire will return to Montana in August, 2017. 

Her classes focus on placement and technique specific to flamenco such as braceo or arm movement, floreo or hand movement, footwork and palmas, along with universal dance techniques of working correctly, body line and posture, and interpretation. Flamenco embraces the essence of each unique individual's expression of life. Experience your flamenco moment!