The BBB Ranch will be a homestead for global cultural exchange, art studies and a venue for ecological studies, land and water conservation, recreation, and renewal. The Triple B Ranch will be a center for festivals and cultural exchange rooted in diplomacy through dance.

The Proposed Triple B Cultural Ranch
Endless possibilities. Impressive results. Global inspiration. MONTANA STYLE. 

Montana is an extraordinary place in North America but its borders extend far beyond our heartland to the peaks and valleys of human dreams and aspirations. Dancers who study at Rocky Mountain Ballet T h e a t r e and participants in Ballet Beyond Borders exude the energy and values of this compelling place and its people. 

When they travel the world, R M B T dancers bring the energy and values of Western Montana and build immediate friendships. Sharing a stage with fellow danc ers from China, Pak istan, Russia, Europe or Latin America fosters respect and love of the art of dance from all over the world. 

It is the start of connections, deep friendships and empowering support for personal achievement to fulfill the dream of dancing a better world into being. It is special. When you see it for yourself, you want to make sure the work endures through the generations. 


The Gift of Creative Self-Expression
The Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre and Ballet Beyond Borders 

It was no accident that when Charlene Campbell Carey came from the dance world in New York and beyond more than 20 years ago, she landed deeply in the sphere of Elenita and Joseph Brown at their home on Kootenai Creek. The ranch was not simply a place of extraordinary beauty; it was a center of artistic expression and cultural exchange. 

The proposed BBB Ranch was already home to dance workshops and instruction of Elenita Brown who celebrated rich dancing traditions from around the globe. It was a place of scholarship and cultural exchange as Joseph Epes Brown chronicled the insights of indigenous people, including Brown’s notable translation of the teachings of Lakota spiritual leader Black Elk. 

The ranch was a place of gathering and celebration, a venue for gathering of diverse people to study, strive and share. Before Elenita Brown died she shared her dream that the ranch might become a public cultural center. Members of the Brown family turned to Charlene Carey to purchase the ranch and bring Elenita’s dream to reality. 

Since connecting with the Brown’s twenty years ago, Charlene created the highly regarded Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre (RMBT) School and established the renowned international danced festival, Ballet Beyond Borders (BBB) that is held annually in Western Montana. 

These outstanding programs have mentored thousands of culturally and socio- economically diverse young people and create local, national and global opportunities for children and adults through an elite education in dance -- while emphasizing the role of the arts in global human communication. 

The role of rich cultural exchange in building bridges between people has been punctuated by collaborations with the Mansfield Center of the University of Montana , The Confucius Institute and Loyola Marymount University of California in a joint- program on the Art of Diplomacy. The vision of Triple B Ranch represents continuation of a legacy of work to preserve, protect and embrace the role of the arts in building bridges between diverse people. 


An Extraordinary Dream - Bringing the Vision to Life 

The proposed Triple B Ranch is located 20 miles south of Missoula in Stevensville, Montana. Triple B has an authentic lodge, barn, pastures and Kootenai Creek water rights. Only modest capital improvements are needed immediately to make the place for study, seminars, performance and retreat. Longer term, the ranch facilities will be enhanced as a public place of interdisciplinary study, performance, retreat and artistic expression.