“Going Viral” is a series of collaborative works between Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre Director & Choreographer Charlene Campbell and Concept and Images created by Barbara Michelman inspired by an extraordinary world viewed through the electron microscope. Using dance and projected virus images “Going Viral” tells the tale of many deceptively beautiful and deadly viruses including Polio, Ebola, Influenza and Dengue Fever.

Artistic Idea:

The capacity to extend our vision through the microscope’s lens has expanded our understanding of the world of viruses. Although the structure of viruses is basically the same, they can look, behave, and impact humans and animals very differently. These differing features can be translated into different “personalities” that can be expressed artistically.  The visual and dance components of "going Viral" give audiences the chance to experience the virus on a unique level.

 Purpose and Overview:

 Providing audiences with a quality artistic experience along with an understanding of good health cannot be undervalued; it enables people to live life to its fullest, alloing people and communities to prosper.  Our performance will associate positive emotions with knowledge and science.  "Going Viral" addresses the social issue of the spread of viruses and the search for and use of vaccination to halt contagion which engages audiences in discussion on public health and vaccine awareness.

 World Premieres in Montana:

On October 12, 2012 Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre presented a community outreach “sneak peek” of “Going Viral” at the Ravalli County Museum.

 On November 9th, 2012 Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre staged the world premiere of “Going Viral” in Hamilton to a very enthusiastic crowd of scientists, students and the general public.

 On November 24th2012 Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre staged “Going Viral” in Missoula.  The show was a resounding triumph.  The lobby had representation, literature and discussions stimulated by the audiences response to the ballet and with support from Walgreens, Blue Mountain Clinic, the Health Department and GSK Vaccines.

On December 31st 2012, highlights from “Going Viral” was performed for the community event “First Night Missoula.”  

April 23th 2013, "Going Viral" was performed for 700 school children in the Bitterroot Valley.  The 2013 "Going Viral" program included 'West Nile Virus,' and 'Corona Virus' in addition to Influenza, Dengue Fever, Polio and Ebola.  May 24th this expanded "Going Viral" was presented for Missoula school children and a community performance.  

October 2013, Polio was performed for the Missoula Rotary Fundraiser, raising over $5,000. 

 “Going Viral” images from performances in Hamilton & Missoula














 Advisors & Colleagues Include :

 -Hollywood Composer Arron Zigman: Mr. Zigman is the creator of the original symphonic score for Polio, and will be composing additional scores for the “ Going Viral” contemporary ballets.

-Rocky Mountain Lab Director Marshall Bloom: Consultant. He has hosted the “Going Viral “ team many times and continues to share his expertise plus the state of the art research from his scientists, Dr. Heinz Feldman, Dr. Elizabeth Fischer and Dr. Olivia Steele - Mortimer on viruses, and provided his official Lab images for us to create visual drama and education within the show.

 -Superintendent Alex P. Apostle: Supports “Going Viral” to be presented to the Missoula county public school system.

-Wild Horses Productions:   Wild Horses Productions is an International Feature film and Documentary Production company with 30 years experience. 

  The Going Viral Sponsors :  The Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation, Glaxo Smith Kline Vaccines, Giant Microbes,  IAWAREABLES, and Sun Mountain.  

RMBT Dancers and students tour Rocky Mountain Labs learning first hand about viruses and how to operate an electron microscope.











  Videos of Montana Performances







Vittorio Luciano and Marshall Bloom


Dengue Fever


That's Life