Poems from BBB's collaboration with the Missoula Writing Collaborative and Caroline Patterson


Dance Poems-Paxson School 1/9/2018



All hope is lost until they

Start to dance. The fury inside

Them, the energy about them

Unleashes them into a new

Dimension. It’s creamy and smooth,

It’s crispy, it’s risky, and if

You are the spark, you might

Inspire some too. 



Dancing is Everything

By Ellcy



    Brought countries together, not

By words, but by movements, action


    Twirling, swirling across the

Stage, but it is not just that,


    Brings families together, first at

Proms, then weddings,


    Just lets you let out worries

Feel the beat, unite together in unison


    Is everything.



By Ella

Dancing is not just moving

Your feet and arms

Dancing is letting your emotions

Out all at once.

Dance is expressing yourself without

Using words.

Dancing can show people the

Way you feel without

Using words.

Dancing can show people the

Way you feel without saying

So yourself.

Dancing is a graceful and

Beautiful way to show

How you feel

Dance is a wonderful thing.

    Dancing makes anything possible

When you dance, anything is possible.

A rhinoceros could soar way up to the sky.

The shyest kids could have the loudest


Rocks could float. Boats could appear

In Central Park. Monkeys could appear in the Saharan dessert.

Gold could even appear in in your bed.

When you dance, anything is possible.




Dancing is a form of life at its darkest

And its lightest. All I see with the blinding

Lights is a wave in the big ocean full

Of sharks, but yet I still see a flicker

Of hope. Dance is made of twisting, swaying

And just being yourself. I don’t care

What anyone thinks. All I care about is the way I move to my music. My

Music guides me through all the beautiful

Waves, through all the flowers and

Butterflies. Dance is my life.



Dance by Adelena

Twirling swirling happy

Sad all different emotions

But mostly glad. I 

Wish I could be like

Them. Different generations

All of them, they put their heart

Into a dance that won’t

Come apart in their hand.

There is romance

There is love and all

of the above. They

put a twist in

a dance, a kiss

a kiss that makes

it prance. Most

lovely thing I’ve

ever seen. I 

will bring you

to this thing.



Fireworks by Maddie

A dark, black stage,

Suddenly, something appears.

The silhouette is leaping in midair.

Fly through the air without a care.

Moving like the wind, so graceful, so quiet.



Dance by Crin


Love, danger, and hope. It’s

All in dance. Dance is what

Brings us together. Gliding

Through the water, peace

This year. I saw kisses and

Rolling, running. All of these

Movements can make you

change. The colors, the feelings, everything

around you—it’s like all of them

are telling stories.



Dancing Animals by Raini


Horse make me think of dance,

How they gallop through the wind

Into the sunset. Swans also make

Me think of dancer, swimming

Gracefully in the ponds. Snakes

How they slither across the floor.