The Skechers Essay Contest

Cash Prizes

BBB ESSAY CONTEST, LA, 2019 Deadline is August 5th, 2019

Children, Student, Junior Essay Questions, no more than 500 words (@ 2 pages), no less than 200.

Senior & Professional Essay Question, no more than 750 words (@ 3 pages), no less than 250.

Please write your name, age, and country on the top of each page. 

Answer one of the following questions. Don’t be afraid to have fun.

  1. Spider-Man has his spider-powers (speed, durability, strength, stamina wall-crawling, and the special suit). Wonder Woman has her superpowers (superhuman strength, ability to glide through the air on currents of wind, enhanced senses, and special toys like bulletproof bracelets and the golden lasso of truth.) How is dance your superpower?

  2. How is dance a sport and what makes sports important?

  3. Write a conversation about dance that takes place between two different types of shoes. Example: your toe shoes can talk to your sneakers, or your high heels can talk to your toe shoes, or your ballet shoes can talk to your bare feet. Sandals can talk to your boots. Dress shoes can talk to slippers. Wellington boots can talk to flip-flops. Shoes can talk in any combination. What do your shoes have to say about dance?

  4. Write about a dance class that takes place in the distant future. Will you be able to print out an instructor on a 3D printer? Can you choose a teacher, alive or dead, press a button, and have Rudolf Nureyev, Alvin Ailey, or Patricia Wilde appear as a hologram? Maybe there will be dance shoes that let you fly. Don’t hesitate to use your imagination and what you know about science to jump ahead in time.