Rules & Regulations

The registration deadline has been extended to December 1st, 2018


Official BBB Dance Challenge Rules & Regulations: 

The Official Theme of Ballet Beyond Borders 2019 is ARTISTIC FREEDOM.  BBB believes that attracting visitors of all races, cultures, social and economic backgrounds to experience who we are and what we do is of importance.  This is our strongest form of public diplomacy.  BBB Festival Week is an 'eyes wide open' immersive and intimate experience.  

Prizes, Scholarships & Education: Prizes will include cash, scholarships, and awards to prestigious programs in the USA and abroad. In addition to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in every category, special recognition prizes from the distinguished jury panel. 

-All amateurs, students, and professionals of all nationalities are eligible and encouraged to apply for the BBB dance challenge.

  -BBB Participants may enter the dance challenge in:

  • Solo

  • Classical Pas de deux , Contemporary/Modern duet, or duet in Open category.

  • Group (3-6 dancers)

  • Ensemble (7 or more dancers)

Participants may compete in separate ballet, contemporary/modern, open, or choreography categories.  

  • Ballet

  • Contemporary/Modern

  • Open Category includes Hip Hop, Flamenco, Ballroom, Tap and all forms of ethnic/cultural dance.

  • New: Young Choreographer

Age Categories--determined by your age on January 1, 2019

  • Children: 6-9

  • Student: 10-12

  • Junior: 13-15

  • Senior: 16-18

  • Professional: 19+

These age groups apply to Ballet, Contemporary/Modern and Open Categories. Young choreographer category:  Will follow the age groups but Professional is capped at 30 years old.  

BBB reserves the right to designate the correct category of the participants’ entry. You must reserve all rights to the music and choreography for your performance.


 Solo Ballet Category rules:

  • Ballet slippers or pointe shoes must be worn.

  • No pointe shoes allowed in the children or student categories-EXCEPT for dancers in the student category age 12 who may perform on pointe at the discretion of the teacher or coach. The jury will be instructed not to judge higher or lower based on a young dancer's performance on pointe.

  • Classical variations: Choreographed in the style of 18th & 19th century and is defined as original choreography or choreography from a Classical ballet.


List of ballets for classical variations (you may choose another variation, or you may bring an original classical variation choreographed for or by you.) 

  • Coppelia (A. St. Leon)

  • Diana & Acteon (A. Vaganova)

  • Don Quixote (M. Petipa)

  • Fairy Doll (S. Legat)

  • Flower Festival at Genzano (A. Bournonville)

  • Grand Pas Classique (V. Gsovsky)

  • Giselle (J. Perrot, J. Coralli)

  • Harlequinade (M. Petipa)

  • La Bayadere (M. Petipa)

  • La Esmeralda (M. Petipa)

  • La Fille Mal Gardee (B. Nijinska, D. Romanoff)

  • La Sylphide (A. Bournonville)

  • Laurencia (V. Chabukiani)

  • Le Corsaire (M. Petipa)

  • Les Sylphides/Chopiniana (M. Fokine)

  • Napoli (A. Bournonville)

  • Paquita (M. Petipa)

  • Pharaoh’s Daughter (P. LaCotte)

  • Raymonda (M. Petipa)

  • Satanella (M. Petipa)

  • Swan Lake (M. Petipa, L. Ivanov)

  • The Cavalry Halt (M. Petipa)

  • The Flames of Paris (V. Vainonen)

  • The Nutcracker Suite (V. Vainonen)

  • The Sleeping Beauty (M. Petipa)

  • Walpurgis Nacht (L. Lavrovsky)

*Neoclassical Clarification: Original choreography or most creations of the late 20th century. If you are unsure as to whether your solo is considered Neoclassical, please email us a video sample of the piece, and we will confirm. *George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, William Forsythe, Nacho Duato and Frederick Ashton or any choreographer you have not worked with directly is not allowed unless permission has been officially granted from the choreographer or their official trust and proof is shown to the BBB administration. In some cultures neoclassical might be defined as Lyrical: a merging of ballet, contemporary and jazz techniques, or a “stew“ of various disciplines, or, "contemporary” movements executed on pointe.  In regards to the BBB vision for “neo-classical “performances - Original choreography with innovative approaches to technique, musicality and movement are highly encouraged and appreciated.


-Children & Student:  Will perform one variation in the first round that can be either a classical variation or a piece of original choreography utilizing classical technique or neoclassical choreography. (Please bring age-appropriate choreography. This may also include demi-character dances or variations that incorporate storytelling and original choreography.) If they proceed to the final round they may do the same variation or a different variation.


-Junior: Will perform one variation in the first round. This must be a classical solo. If they continue to the final round they may do the same variation or a different variation in the classical or neoclassical style.


-Senior/Professional: Will perform one variation in the first round. This must be classical. If they continue to the final round they must bring a different variation in either classical or neoclassical style.


Solo Contemporary/Modern Category Rules: * Dancers may compete in this category without competing in the ballet category

  • No pointe shoes are allowed in the Contemporary/Modern category

  • All Contemporary competitors will perform one piece in the first round. If they continue to the final round they may perform the same piece or a different piece.


Solo Open Category Rules

  • All Open competitors will perform one piece in the first round. If they continue to the final round they may perform the same piece or a different piece.

Young Choreographer

  • This category is for original work choreographed by a competitor who is age 6 – 30. Solo, duet, or group pieces are accepted in any style.

  • You must send a sample of your work via a link at the BBB website by November 15, 2018. This may be any example of your choreography, it does not have to be the piece that will be performed at BBB.

  • If selected to the final round the same piece will be performed for the finals.

  • You may also enter a piece of original choreography in any of the performance categories of ballet, contemporary or open.


Pas de Deux, Group & Ensembles in all categories that go to the final round perform the same piece they danced in the first round. 


Rules for length of Performances:

  • All solos in all categories may not exceed 2:30 minutes

  • All duets/group/ensemble dances may not exceed 5:00 minutes

  • Young choreographer may not exceed 5:00 minutes


!!! - Exception = Classical Pas de Deux category is the length as dictated by the established choreography and Music. 

Deadline for Music Submission

Your music for the Challenge must be submitted by email in Mp3 orM4a format by December 15th, 2018. *If you are bringing a different variation/piece for the final round the music is also due December 15th.


 BBB Fees for Registration:  

  • Children & Student Solo (all categories): $125

  • Junior, Senior & Professional Solo (all categories): $250

  • Young Choreographer: $250 (dancers performing for a choreographer do not need to register individually for this category. The choreographer is the competitor)

*If you wish to compete in more than 1 category there is an additional $50 per category fee

  • Pas de deux/duet: $250 total

  • Groups 3-6 people: $350 total

  • Ensemble 7+: $400 Total

The fee is all inclusive for one category and includes your participation on stage and off at all master classes and cultural programs as well as any special event offered by BBB. There are no refunds and no exceptions. Your acceptance into the competition is based on the audition video you submit. This video has to show the participant clearly visible in class, rehearsal or on stage and must not be older than one year. If you are accepted, you will receive a confirmation email with further information on your payment and registration instructions. The registration fees do not contain insurance for the participants. BBB assumes no liability for a dancer's participation, either on or off-stage, in any and all foreseeable and non-foreseeable situations for the duration of the contest.

*For Pas De Deux/Duet & Group/Ensemble please fill out the form separately for each piece.