Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre’s (RMBT) mission is to educate and improve the youth of Montana by offering local, national, and international opportunities through cultural exchanges anchored in a commitment to the arts, specifically dance: ethnic, contemporary, hip-hop, and ballet. Our motto: When bodies move, minds soar. We strive to bring the world to Montana and Montana to the world. Through Ballet Beyond Borders the world comes to Missoula where RMBT began in 1998. In the past 3 years, 12,000 Montanans have attended free performances by dancers from Italy, Romania, South Africa, China, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Austria, Panama and Mexico.


"I could not be more proud of Rocky Mountain Ballet theatre's 20th Anniversary and of BEING :

R- Relevant   - We represent our community of Missoula , our state of Montana , the USA and we recognize our responsibility to be a global leader in facilitating human communication. 

M - We have Mentored thousands of young people here in Montana & throughout the world with exceptional training and extraordinary opportunities.  

 B-  We have branded "Ballet Beyond Borders" as a cultural diplomacy festival and an integral component of our unique mission to break down all barriers through inclusive cultural exchange that shares our art , our stories , our similarities and our differences .

 T - The time is now for RMBT - 20 years measures our success  ....please help us reach the next milestone. 

I believe - Now more than ever that what we accomplish at RMBT & BBB, together, matters to all future generations."

-Charlene Carey - Artistic Director of RMBT