Performance at The Silk Road Arts Festival, Beijing Normal University, and First Alfia Avzalova Festival

(Missoula, MT.) - Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre (RMBT) is going on the road again this fall to bring Montana to the world. This time to China and Russia.
CHINA (September 5-September 18, 2018): as part of a cultural exchange, our RMBT is on its way to the Silk Road Arts Festival in Xian – Shaanxi Province, China. This is the result of a relationship that started back in February of 2015 when RMBT hosted the Shaanxi Performing Arts Group. They traveled across the world to share the ancient art of shadow puppetry. Now, RMBT is taking Montana to them. Under the direction of artistic director Charlene Campbell Carey, RMBT’s Montana themed ballets offer the flavor of Montana. No RMBT cultural exchange would be complete without the participation of the Native Americans. Four championship dancers from the Salish-Kootenai and Blackfeet tribes will be participating. 
After the Silk Road Arts Festival, the group travels to Beijing to take their unique program to Chongqing’s Southwest University of Politics and Law and Beijing Normal University. These performances are sponsored in part by the Confucius Institute at the University of Montana under the direction of Suhan Chen.

RUSSIA (October 6,-October 26, 2018): RMBT has received a U.S. State Department grant to participate in the first Alfia Avzalova Festival in Kazan, Russia. RMBT was the only US arts group to be invited to perform at the festival. In addition to Montanathemed ballets and championship Native American dancers, this diplomatic,cultural tour will include renowned singer Suzanne Carey, a native Montana who now stings professionally in Vienna, Austria.

January 9-12, 2019
Ballet Beyond Borders (BBB)

Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre is proud to announce it will be bringing Ballet Beyond Borders back to Missoula in January 2019. The Ballet Beyond Borders (BBB) experience is a unique combination of dance and diplomacy. This will be the fourth world-class international dance competition and diplomacy conference that RMBT has brought to Missoula. Participants come from all over the world to perform, exchange ideas, make new friendships, and cement old ones. BBB has launched careers by offering opportunities to dancers who might otherwise have had none. BBB brings films, authors, dancers, academics, artists, guests, and diplomats into our wintery west. BBB strives to introduce the world to Missoula and Missoula to the world to increase mutual understanding and global harmony.
“Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre’s mission is to give our dancers performance opportunities around the world, while also bringing the global community back to Montana. These cultural exchanges are crucial to both our understanding and our positive participation in the global community.” Charlene Campbell Carey, artistic director for Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre and President of Ballet Beyond Borders.

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Media Contacts:
Kathy Weber

Charlene Campbell Carey

Winners of BBB

Congratulations to the dancers and groups who received gold, silver and bronze at BBB 2018


Open Category:

Children solos: 

  • Silver:  Sofia Motera, Valeria Zambrano


Junior Solos:

  • Silver:  Crystal Priske
  • Bronze:  Julia Duarte


Senior Solos:

  • Gold:  Isaiah Kim
  • Silver:  Nashalymar Ramirez


Professional Solos:

  • Gold:  Eva Branco
  • Gold:  Kasper Horton
  • Silver:  Robert Parot Jr
  • Bronze:  Rodney Firststrike


  • Gold:  Melissa Hinz & Ikolo Griffin
  • Silver:  Panagiaota, Peggy Bousounis & Joseph Penaloza
  • Bronze:  Melissa Hinz & Jesssi Trauth

Small Groups:

  • Gold:  Centro de Artes Escenicas – Panama  La Espina
  • Silver:  Ballet Arts Academy   Reset


  • Silver:  Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre  Tangos con Bastones


Contemporary Category:

Children Solos:

  • Gold:  Tamara Arandia Montero


Student Solo:

  • Gold:  Alessandra Rubini
  • Silver:  Dimitri Govertsen-Donaldson
  • Bronze:  Luca Khomenko
  • Bronze:  Andrea Ortega Delfin

Junior Solo:

  • Gold:  Ruby Jenni
  • Silver:  Sophia Makarenko
  • Bronze:  Ricardo Forbes

Senior Solo:

  • Gold:  Jose Garrido
  • Silver:  Eduardo Neves
  • Bronze:  Celine Armellin

Professional Solo:

  • Gold:  Radu Domsa
  • Silver:  Eva Brando
  • Bronze:  Emiliano Candiago


  • Gold:  Celine Armellin & Emiliano Candiago
  • Silver:  Aline Ciceo & Radu Domsa
  • Bronze:  Eva Branco & Eduardo Neves


Ballet Category:

Children Solo:

  • Gold:  Sophia Reid-Gantzert
  • Silver:  Tamara Arandia Montero
  • Bronze:  Sofia Ruvalcaba

Student Solo:

  • Gold:  Maria Fernanda Pardo
  • Silver:  Monica Sanchez
  • Silver:  Selina Kao
  • Bronze:  Andrea Ortega Delfin


Junior Solo:

  • Gold:  Paloma Ramirez Azambuja
  • Silver:  Ricardo Forbes
  • Bronze:  Donovan Jasper


Senior Solo:

  • Gold:  Joshua Kiesel
  • Gold:  Nikolia Mamalakis
  • Gold:  Eunji Kim
  • Silver:  Lope Lim
  • Silver:  SeoHui Kong

Professional Solo:

  • Gold:  Eva Branco
  • Silver:  Katy Clay


  • Gold: Seoul Arts High School   -  Nori
  • Silver:  Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre   The Engelmann Spruce & her Dazzling Compaians
  • Bronze:  Doris Topete    Baikal


Pas de Deux:

  • Silver:  Sophia Makarenko & Cassia Slager
  • Bronze:  Ava Tooke & Annabelle Thomas


GRAND PRIX:  Solieh Samudio & Melissa Gaona Zapata


BBB Finalists

Children Contemporary Solos

#168 Tamara Arandia Montero


Student Contemporary Solos

#136 Dmitri Govertson-Donaldson

#163 Andrea Ortega Delfin

#174 Monica Sanchez

#143 Luca Khomenko


Junior Contemporary Solos

#101 Paloma Ramirez Azambuja

#198 Ricardo Forbes

#114 Sophia Makarenko - Optimist

#182 Natalia Velarde 

#117 Arianna Pazmino

#103 Julia Duarte

#112 Hope Magee

#141 Ruby Jenni

#140 Ellie Jenni

#128 Naomi Byrne


Senior Contemporary Solos

#193 Eduardo Neves - My Way

#177 Jose Garrido - Catching the Dream

#116 Ignacio Riviera 

#154 Maddie Sager

#186 Sophia Karasso

#118 Celine Armellin


Professional Contemporary Solos

#184 Eva Branco

#188 Radu Domsa

#187 Alina Ciceo

#199 Ivan Herazo

#119 Emiliano Candiago - Dejavu

#102 Katy Clay


Contemporary Duet

#15 Eva Branco & Eduardo Neves

#19 Celine Armellin & Emiliano Candiago - Breathing

#17 Alina Ciceo & Radu Domsa


Ballet Groups

#22 Nori - The Moment of Joy

#20 Baikal

#21 the Engelmann Spruce & Her Dazzling Companions


Ballet Juniors

#101 Paloma Ramirez Azambuja - Satanella

#117 Arianna Pazmino - Le Corsaire - Odalisque 3

#198 Ricardo Forbes - Talisman

#109 Donovan Jasper - Nutcracker Cavalier

#182 Natalia Velarde - Variation Gamzatti

#160 Ava Tooke - Gaite Parisienne

#103 Julia Duarte - Bridesmaid 2nd Variation

#120 Rafaella Esposito - The City


Ballet Pas de Deux/Duet

#27 - Munecos (Dolls)

#23 - Clair de Lune

#24 - Pink Panther


Ballet Children

#194 Sophia Reid-Gantzert - The Dancing Alarm Clock

#168 Tamara Amanda Montero 

#173 Sofia Ruvalcaba

#192 Valeria Zambrano 


Ballet Student

#110 Selina Kao

#174 Monica Sanchez

#163 Andrea Ortega Delfin

#169 Maria Fernanda Pardo

#164 Alejandro Fonseca

#165 Paulina Guerra

#172 Alessandra Rubini - The Jury decided this piece will compete in the Contemporary Student - Finals


Ballet Senior

#190 Lope Lim - Pas d’Esclave Variation

#195 Nikolia Mamalakis - Dulcinea

#191 Joshua Kiesel - Don Quixote Basilio Variation

#121 Sumin Han - Queen of Dryads

#123 Eunji Kim - The Nutcracker Suite

#124 SeoHui Kong - Aurora Variation 

#122 Subin Jeong - Pizzicato

#115 Cassia Slager - Nikiya Death Variation Act 3 La Bayadere

#125 Jung Won Park - Coppelia

#116 Ignacio Riviera - Flames of Paris

#193 Eduardo Neves - Paquita


Ballet Professional

#184 Eva Branco - Kitri

#102 Katy Clay - Liberated


New Event During BBB

Where Dance and Storytelling Meet

If dance is, in part, the physical expression of inner emotion, then learning self-expression in other artistic forms (writing, in this case) will enhance your ability to convey emotion through movement.

In this workshop, we will learn how to use journalling to improve your dancing by examining the inner life of the iconic characters behind ballet’s great stories. Whether your character is a hunter, a swan, a princess or a puppet, we will use writing to delve into their stories and, by doing so, enrich the dance.

This workshop will be taught by Laurie Horowitz

Date, Time and Location To Be Announced


Merritt Moore to be a guest at BBB

An EXTRAORDINARY Role Model is coming to Ballet Beyond Borders in Montana! 
Merritt Moore has achieved an "Impossible"career as a professional ballet dancer & as an academic quantum physicist. Her path leads from Boston Ballet to Europe & the English National Ballet to Cum Laude physics at Harvard & PhD candidate at Oxford and possibly next as an astronaut! Merritt will be performing in the Gala, serving on the jury & spending time with the youth in Montana & our BBB global community onstage and off during the Art of Diplomacy special events and academic discussions, BRAVO & WELCOME MERRITT!


Special Event Opening Night

GENE KELLY: THE LEGACY                          

An Evening With Patricia Ward Kelly: January 9th, 2018 at the Wilma 7pm

Legendary dancer, director and choreographer Gene Kelly brought astonishing grace and athleticism to the movies. His engaging onscreen personality is so accessible we feel like we know him. In fact, we know very little about the man who created some of the most iconic moments in film history.

Patricia Kelly, his wife and biographer, takes us behind the scenes in this unique one-woman performance and shares a deeply moving and intimate portrait of the innovative artist, with rare and familiar film clips, previously unreleased audio recordings, personal memorabilia, and insights culled from her hours of interviews and conversations with her husband.