Contemporary dance teacher and artistic director of the ATZEWI DANCE COMPANY.

The company was founded in 1996 with the name of “ NEW DANCE CONCEPT”,the new Atzewi’s way of thinking about dance,results really innovative and produces a positive and enthusiastic reaction on public and insiders. Besides during 2001,his creation “Communication”, confirmes Alex as one of the new most important choreographer in dance landscape. The production ” Pensieri ”, staged in November 2007 in Salerno, brought Alex to receive an important award as best Italian contemporary choreographer. Since 2009 ,the Company takes the name “ATZEWI DANCE COMPANY” . In 2010 he creates a choreography for the first dancer of the San Carlo Theatre of Naples, Corona Paone, and works for the festival “Giovani Talenti”, directed by Luigi Ferrone.

His main choreography is “CARMEN”, in which the protagonist role played by LEON CINO, juxtaposed to BEATRICE CARBONE and GIULIA PARIS in the principal role of Carmen, STEFANIA FIGLIOSSI and ANNALISA CIANCI in the role of Micaela, MIRAND PULAJ, AMAND PULAJ and VITO CONVERSANO in the role of the torero Escamillo, and MICHELE MADDALONI in the role of a Gendarme.

In January 20122013 he takes part in the New York APAP, where brings to the stage the production “ARMONIE IN CONTRASTO” and “ LA PELLE SOTTO L’ABITO” (2013). In New York, at the baryshnikow arts center, Atzewi has presented his work in several master class. He comes back to America in March 2013, in occasion of “ The Italian International Dance Festival”, with the productions “ LA FREDDA LUCE DEL GIORNO” and “ LA PELLE SOTTO L’ABITO”.

In june 2013 he works for the Vasco Rossi Dancing Project choreographing for Vasco Rossi’s concerts in Torino e Bologna.

In August 25 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the First Edition of the International Dance of Capri.

In 2014 he signed his new production "EVENING IN MOZART" which sees dancers protagonists of Sabrina Brazzo caliber, international Etoile, Andrea Volpintesta first freelance dancer, ending Stefania Figliossi, freelance. Atzewi creates for these dancers and his company, a curious spectacle and elegant accompanied by the music of Mozart, his style appears once again full of dynamics and power, contemporary, even if created in a different time dimension.

The November 30, 2014 at the Teatro di Milano brings to the stage for AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, his show "Evening in Mozart" with the special participation of Leon Cino. Evening of highly successful charity.

Producer in the 2015/2016 season of the "Grand Gala des Etoiles", with national and international artists.


  • TRYPTIC with Atzewi Dance Company
  • Revisiting "The Four Seasons" guests special guests Amilcar Moret Gonzalez and Virginia Tomarchio
  • New "COMBINATION SENSORY" project, Alex Atzewi and Riccardo Meneghini.